Give Big 2019

Give Big is coming up on May 8th! Last year, your donations helped us expand our outreach for self-defense and community youth.

Self-Defense with Quantum

Self-defense classes focused on empowerment, which is a validating and confidence-building way to learn and includes verbal defense and physical drills. We provided free community classes each quarter and led several self-defense seminars across Seattle, notably at

  • Google
  • Recovery Café 
  • Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets
  • Rainier Valley Food Bank
  • Babley
  • Camp Ten Trees

Quarks and Junior Leaders

In 2018, we also began our Quarks program, martial arts for children ages 4 – 6. It is so inspiring to see the littlest martial artists succeed. In addition, the Quarks program has given our older kids opportunities to become Junior Leaders. Junior Leaders assist in class and even teach techniques to the younger children. These kids learn more about the techniques through teaching and develop their leadership and communication skills.

We Need Your Support

This is our third year taking part in this King County-wide donation bonanza. This year, your donation dollars will continue to support us in our efforts. We plan to develop a level two curriculum for self-defense and provide more classes to more kids, teens, and adults throughout Seattle. 

When you support Quantum Seattle, you build a community that reveals personal strength, interconnects diverse communities, and empowers youths and adults.

  • Boards for Test Board Breaks, $20
  • Uniforms, $50
  • Self-defense Gear, $75
  • 1 Month Youth Learner Scholarship, $88
  • 1 Month Adult Learner Scholarship, $100
  • 6 Month Adult Training Scholarship, $550
  • 1 year Youth Training Scholarship, $1056