Tips for Virtual Classes

We’re really excited about Quantum’s recent expansion into cyberspace, not just as a bridge to keep us all moving during the COVID-19 crisis, but also because of the potential for enhancing everyone’s training, even after the crisis abates. Wouldn’t it be nice to train with your friends while traveling, or when you’re having transportation issues? Those are but two situations we can visualize where this new format could add value for our members. We’re also excited about the potential of these new offerings to expand the scope of our mission, reaching prospective martial artists, young and old, with less regard for mobility or geography.

As we’ve explored this new medium, we’ve curated several suggestions and tips to make the experience better for everyone. Here they are for easy reference:

  • Please wear your uniform. Quantum (or plain) t-shirt for warm-ups & full uniforms for class. Getting dressed for karate will put you in the mindset to take a class.
  • Have a water bottle handy.
  • Clear space for yourself to move side-to-side and also forward & back. If you do not have ample space, please use your creativity and adapt the techniques to your surroundings. 
  • A yoga mat or plush carpet will protect your joints during warmups. Socks on hardwood can work well during class. Whatever surface you pick, experiment with shuffling and pivoting before class so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised while you’re trying to keep up! 🙂
  • Please set up the web-camera so you are visible when standing, and when lying on the floor for stretching. Adjust your camera as needed during class. 
  • If possible, plugging the Internet-connected device (laptop, tablet) into a television screen for viewing will make the teacher’s image much larger for detailed instructions.
  • Upon logging in, rename yourself if needed so the teacher can identify you and easily give feedback. 
  • Students are asked not to use the “change background” function.
  • It is okay to take the class with your own video feed turned off. This way the student can see the teacher, but no one will be able to see you. However, we encourage you to turn on your video feed, since it makes it possible for teachers to give feedback.
  • Students are encouraged to participate verbally by continuing to say yes ma’am, count along during pushups & crunches, kihap (yell loud or a strong exhale from diaphragm), bow when instructed and say gamsahabnida (thank you).
  • If possible, let people in the vicinity know that you’ll be making some noise. Yelling, especially combined with a punch or kick, is an excellent release of anxiety & stress. Everyone will be asked to mute themselves during class, so this does not interfere with instruction.
  • We’re working on more opportunities for interaction, including break out rooms where students will practice one-steps and shadow boxing with a partner, and circle time when students will practice meeting etiquette of raising their hands to speak, unmuting themselves to ask their question, and re-muting themselves after they speak. 
  • We will also try to provide time to say “hi” before and after class, so consider logging in a few minutes early and hanging around a few minutes after class for social interaction.

Quantum’s virtual offerings are on our calendar. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!