Adult Programs

Physical and Personal Growth

Attitude is everything in the martial arts, and the way you view your training will directly affect the martial artist you will become. Often students will have to make time for their martial arts. If you wait until you have the time to study, you will never begin.

Some new students have the opposite reaction and go overboard with their training. This is not advisable either, as it causes one to “burn out” and eventually have to give up training anyway.

New students are asked to come at least two times a week, and this usually produces satisfying progress. Intermediate students are encouraged to attend two to three times a week, and advanced students three to four. The higher up you go in rank, the more imperative it is to maintain your training. Your safety and fun are our highest priorities. We want you to develop the muscles to do that jump front kick without injury!


Every six to eight weeks, there is a belt test to determine who is ready to move on to the next level. Students will be tested on the curriculum for their current belt, and depending how they do, will be promoted to the next rank. In order to participate in testings, students must ask permission from the Instructor no more than a week preceding the test. Testings are usually all day affairs, starting with a general cleaning of the school.

If a student expects to get the most out of this program, then focusing on the individual meaning for their belt level would be advisable. Students who try to get ahead will be left behind. If you stay with the program, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Belt Levels


Please check the Calendar page for more information about class times.

Beginner’s Class

During our 7 week beginner’s series this 1 hour accessible class is just for you! The entire class will be focused on the white belt curriculum to ensure you get everything you need. This class will include core building exercises, stretching, kicks and punches. You’ll leave invigorated!

Basics Class

This class is a must for beginners, and a staple for intermediate and advanced students. In this class, all of the White Belt rudimentary techniques are broken down to their barest element. Movement is fully defined, and fundamental ideas of blocking, kicking and striking are explored, working the mechanics of each technique to improve balance, power and focus.

Nearly the entire drill segment of class is spent in traditional stances to help the students build strength and become more aware of their posture as well as their relationship with the ground. This is easily the most difficult class of the week. This class begins with an hour of stretching and calisthenics, followed by 45 minutes of drill making this the most taxing class to go to. It is highly recommended that students make it to one Basics’ class a week.

Abbreviated General Class

These 1 hour and 15 minute class is designed for your busy life.  It starts with 30 minutes of stretching and calisthenics and continues with 45 minutes of drills. In this class the students are drilled on techniques specific to their belt level. Exercises include combination, target, and partnered drills.  No experience necessary and you get your warm up, work out and cool down in less than 90 minutes! This is a great place to start.

General Class 90 Minute Format

General class is open to all students and starts with 45 minutes of stretching and calisthenics, followed by 45 minutes of drill. In this class the students are drilled on techniques specific to their belt level. Exercises include combination, target, and partnered drills which emphasize foot work and timing.


Advanced Class

Advanced Classes are focused on the more complex concepts of Quantum Martial Arts. In these classes the advanced student will be introduced to Soft Boxing and root drills as well as the concept of movement without fear. Attendance to these classes is by invitation only.


Students participate in free form, continuous sparring exercises with other students. Where the focus in Basics and General classes is on the concepts, the focus during Sparring is on the application and integration of those concepts.

Sparring is open to High White Belts and above. Each belt level is given a new set of challenges. The strike zone for Yellow Belts is from the chin to the navel, and strikes to the back are prohibited. Yellow Belts focus on keeping a distance and using fully extended long-range techniques to fight with. Green Belts have an expanded strike zone that includes legs, groin, head and back. Green Belts are also allowed to practice standing grappling and takedowns and learn to fight from a tight trapping distance. Blue Belts are allowed to start practicing groundwork, traps, pins and holds, and learn to fight from a tight grappling distance. Red Belts are free to fight from any distance and learn to apply all concepts they have been exposed to.

The class consists of 5 to 15 minutes rounds and runs an hour long on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Chi Sau

Chi Sau in the Quantum Style is borrowed from Wing Chun and mixed with Push Hands from Tai Chi. It has also been modified to work well with the kicks from TKD and as a lead in for grappling taken from Judo and Hapkido. Softer than in most systems, our Chi Sau is not just an exercise but has many practical applications. Mostly about straight lines and trapping exercises, this class is open to Green Belts and above.


Judo and Hapkido are where we get most of our basics in grappling, but there is also a heavy Aikido influence as well as Pankration and western style wrestling. Open to Green Belts and above this class teaches basic wristlocks, arm bars weaves, locks. Pins, holds, throws, sweeps and groundwork. Ranging from the concept of grappling to practical application this class gives the practitioner a place to become comfortable with the generally uncomfortable grappling distance.

Advanced Forms

Advanced Forms Classes are for students to work on the advanced forms of the Quantum style. They are only open to students wearing blue, red and black belts.

Fees and Specials

The Beginners’ Special offers a great place to start. $135 includes 7 weeks of unlimited classes, a new uniform, your first test fee and your annual membership. 

Ongoing class fees are $100 per month includes unlimited classes. No long term contract required.

Individuals making under $45,000 year or families making under $65,000 per year please ask about sliding scale options.

Train with another adult in your household and pay only $90 per month per person. 

Ongoing classes for 3 or more family members are capped at $225 per month. 

Monthly Fees

  • $100   Individual
  • $80     Adult/College Student
  • $225   Family (3 or more)

Annual Membership Levels

  • $35 – Current college student discounted rate, and youth membership rate
  • $50 – Regular rate for adult Quantum Student
  • $75 – Quantum Family (covers 2 or more family members training in the kids or adults programs)
  • $100 – Quantum Benefactor
  • $200 – Quantum Supporter
  • $500 – Quantum Patron
  • $1000 – Quantum Angel

(Please note these prices do not include sales tax currently required for martial arts classes by the State of Washington. Martial Arts in the Public Interest is a 503(c) nonprofit corporation. Your membership fees are tax-deductible.)