Quantum Martial Arts held a November 2018 belt test for its members. Congratulation to Tony, Eliza, Chris and Leah! What an amazing performance by everyone! Tony is the third ever second don black belt in our school. Eliza is our newest black belt. Chris with his amazing spirit becomes a blue belt. Leah will proudly wear her green belt.

Master Evans was in attendance to administer the test for Eliza and Tony’s black belt level drill and technique sections. It was a day full of fun and martial arts. Many of our members brought snacks to keep us going as the test ran from 11 am to 8 pm. 

All are welcome to attend and watch our belt tests. It’s a chance for Quantum members to show what they’ve learned. If you have a question about the next belt test, check the announcements or contact us with your question


Quantum Martial Arts Seattle was proud to work with Giddens School and Camp Ten Trees in our 2018 summer programs. We brought martial arts and self-defense to students and youth in our community. 

We taught a 5-day fun-packed day camp for 25 children ages 5-8 years old at Giddens School in Seattle’s Summer Blast CampThe kids enjoyed a Jedi day where they made their own lightsabers out of pool noodles. They moved creatively in animal movements day. And they learned about friendship and trust in ninja day, which was complete with costumes and an obstacle course. 


At Camp Ten Trees we taught 4 classes of martial arts and self-defense to 8-17 year-old youths who either identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or are youth from non-traditional families. The campers learned verbal drills to defend against known and unknown attackers. Then they practiced physical drills with shield and kick targets. At the end of each session, the campers were invited to break boards. What energy and enthusiasm!  rainbow tree 

Check out our ongoing youth and outreach programs to learn more. Do know of a group in your community that would benefit from martial arts, contact us today with your outreach ideas