Give Big May 4 - 5

Give Big is May 4 – 5

Donate here during Give Big, May 4 – 5. 

‘Now more than ever’

‘Now more than ever.’ That’s something we say a lot. We say it when vulnerable groups are put at risk. We said it during the pandemic. And we say it now as we begin to return to ‘normal’. Like many others, nonprofits and for-profit business alike, Quantum is vulnerable. The reality is nonprofits have always been vulnerable, but the pandemic revealed just how thin the webbing of our safety net is and just how big the holes. 

Quantum is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit. But unlike many nonprofits, we have no employees. All of our teachers, board members, and organizers are volunteers. This disqualified us from the first round PPP loans. The great group of people who lease us our space allowed us to defer our rent. Thanks to them, we were able to keep going when our membership took a hit during lock-down after lock-down. 

Young Martial Artist

Give Big to Spread Empowerment

We have always depended on donations from our friends, partners, and members. Our goal is $15,000, the most we have ever asked. This year we need to pay down our deferred rent, restart our outreach at Mercy Housing, provide scholarships for children martial artists, and restart our free self-defense seminars and self-defense outreach. Our amazing community has already pledged a match pool of $5,050. 

Every amount helps us reach our goal, but here are some ideas for how you can contribute:

$20 boards for board breaks during a test
$88 Monthly Youth Learner Scholarship
$110 Monthly Adult Learner Scholarship
$440 funds the training for 5 kids on scholarship for a month
$528 6-month Youth Learner Scholarship, 1 student

Not everyone can donate this year. Like us, you’re vulnerable too.

You can help Quantum Martial Arts of Seattle by spreading the word.

  1. Like and share our posts on Facebook (@quantumseattle) or Instagram (@quantum_seattle).
  2. Engage your network. If you know someone who can donate, send them a message. Let them know about Quantum and how much the community means to you. 
  3. Attend one of our FREE self-defense seminars, come to a class, or become a member. Our community provides us so much energy, and we would love for you to be a part of it. 

If you can, donate on May 4 – 5. Give Big or small to Quantum Martial Arts Seattle. We can’t wait to see you in the dojo!

We’re really excited about Quantum’s recent expansion into cyberspace, not just as a bridge to keep us all moving during the COVID-19 crisis, but also because of the potential for enhancing everyone’s training, even after the crisis abates. Wouldn’t it be nice to train with your friends while traveling, or when you’re having transportation issues? Those are but two situations we can visualize where this new format could add value for our members. We’re also excited about the potential of these new offerings to expand the scope of our mission, reaching prospective martial artists, young and old, with less regard for mobility or geography.

As we’ve explored this new medium, we’ve curated several suggestions and tips to make the experience better for everyone. Here they are for easy reference:

  • Please wear your uniform. Quantum (or plain) t-shirt for warm-ups & full uniforms for class. Getting dressed for karate will put you in the mindset to take a class.
  • Have a water bottle handy.
  • Clear space for yourself to move side-to-side and also forward & back. If you do not have ample space, please use your creativity and adapt the techniques to your surroundings. 
  • A yoga mat or plush carpet will protect your joints during warmups. Socks on hardwood can work well during class. Whatever surface you pick, experiment with shuffling and pivoting before class so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised while you’re trying to keep up! 🙂
  • Please set up the web-camera so you are visible when standing, and when lying on the floor for stretching. Adjust your camera as needed during class. 
  • If possible, plugging the Internet-connected device (laptop, tablet) into a television screen for viewing will make the teacher’s image much larger for detailed instructions.
  • Upon logging in, rename yourself if needed so the teacher can identify you and easily give feedback. 
  • Students are asked not to use the “change background” function.
  • It is okay to take the class with your own video feed turned off. This way the student can see the teacher, but no one will be able to see you. However, we encourage you to turn on your video feed, since it makes it possible for teachers to give feedback.
  • Students are encouraged to participate verbally by continuing to say yes ma’am, count along during pushups & crunches, kihap (yell loud or a strong exhale from diaphragm), bow when instructed and say gamsahabnida (thank you).
  • If possible, let people in the vicinity know that you’ll be making some noise. Yelling, especially combined with a punch or kick, is an excellent release of anxiety & stress. Everyone will be asked to mute themselves during class, so this does not interfere with instruction.
  • We’re working on more opportunities for interaction, including break out rooms where students will practice one-steps and shadow boxing with a partner, and circle time when students will practice meeting etiquette of raising their hands to speak, unmuting themselves to ask their question, and re-muting themselves after they speak. 
  • We will also try to provide time to say “hi” before and after class, so consider logging in a few minutes early and hanging around a few minutes after class for social interaction.

Quantum’s virtual offerings are on our calendar. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Give Big is coming up on May 8th! Last year, your donations helped us expand our outreach for self-defense and community youth.

Self-Defense with Quantum

Self-defense classes focused on empowerment, which is a validating and confidence-building way to learn and includes verbal defense and physical drills. We provided free community classes each quarter and led several self-defense seminars across Seattle, notably at

  • Google
  • Recovery Café 
  • Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets
  • Rainier Valley Food Bank
  • Babley
  • Camp Ten Trees

Quarks and Junior Leaders

In 2018, we also began our Quarks program, martial arts for children ages 4 – 6. It is so inspiring to see the littlest martial artists succeed. In addition, the Quarks program has given our older kids opportunities to become Junior Leaders. Junior Leaders assist in class and even teach techniques to the younger children. These kids learn more about the techniques through teaching and develop their leadership and communication skills.

We Need Your Support

This is our third year taking part in this King County-wide donation bonanza. This year, your donation dollars will continue to support us in our efforts. We plan to develop a level two curriculum for self-defense and provide more classes to more kids, teens, and adults throughout Seattle. 

When you support Quantum Seattle, you build a community that reveals personal strength, interconnects diverse communities, and empowers youths and adults.

  • Boards for Test Board Breaks, $20
  • Uniforms, $50
  • Self-defense Gear, $75
  • 1 Month Youth Learner Scholarship, $88
  • 1 Month Adult Learner Scholarship, $100
  • 6 Month Adult Training Scholarship, $550
  • 1 year Youth Training Scholarship, $1056

Jude and Joelle Belt Test
Jude in fighting stance on left, Joelle side kick on right

By Joelle Prokupek

“Add a rear leg fake, front leg front kick to that and land in a back stance knife hand guarding block,” said Karri, Chief Instructor of Quantum Martial Arts.

I could feel the sweat dripping down my back as I listened to the string of techniques that she described too quickly to visualize or practice in my head. She shouted a kihap.

No time to worry about what I knew or didn’t. Luckily, my body knew what to do.

Belt tests are always fun like that. Jude Vesavrut, who was testing for their Blue Belt, and I tested for our belts on February 16. I was testing for my Green Belt, so I’ve participated in a handful of tests and watched a few since 2015.

Jude and Joelle, turning side kicks

This one was special for me because I’m also half way through my first pregnancy. However, this is nothing particularly special in Quantum. In fact, it’s almost a tradition.

You might be thinking, What?! You sparred and got punched while pregnant? Not at all. Quantum worked with me to keep me safe during the test. My sparring rounds were no contact, and I took particular care not to fall during any parts of the test.

That does not mean it was easy. The most surprising thing for me was that I was able to make it through about four hours of physical activity without much issue at all. I’ve been consistently told that exercising while pregnant is good, but I need to take it easy, to baby myself.

But nothing has really changed at all. Quantum taught me to listen to my body and to know my limits. Body awareness, beyond just hand-eye coordination, is an important focus in the curriculum. Yes, the goal is always to touch your toes during warm-ups, do that perfect back stance or round kick, or get a really low horse stance, but we modify our stretches, calisthenics, and techniques without shame and are still able to obtain intention and intensity.

We practice Quantum Martial Arts so that we know our bodies and can trust them. I can’t wait to pass this practice on to my son.

Quantum Martial Arts held a November 2018 belt test for its members. Congratulation to Tony, Eliza, Chris and Leah! What an amazing performance by everyone! Tony is the third ever second don black belt in our school. Eliza is our newest black belt. Chris with his amazing spirit becomes a blue belt. Leah will proudly wear her green belt.

Master Evans was in attendance to administer the test for Eliza and Tony’s black belt level drill and technique sections. It was a day full of fun and martial arts. Many of our members brought snacks to keep us going as the test ran from 11 am to 8 pm. 

All are welcome to attend and watch our belt tests. It’s a chance for Quantum members to show what they’ve learned. If you have a question about the next belt test, check the announcements or contact us with your question