You don’t have to be a member or train at Quantum to donate to our school. We’re doing some great things in the community, including before and after school programs for children and teens, free female empowerment and self-defense seminars, and free martial arts classes. Your donations help directly by paying for gear and equipment and our dojo space.

You can also donate your time by helping keep the dojo cleaned, by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or by offering expertise you may have in web or marketing, construction, or art. We hope you’ll find more at Quantum than simply a workout. We hope you’ll find a community that will help you grow and that you can help grow as well.

The Tangible Benefits of your Gift

Every $75 buys two kids uniforms for our outreach programs. $150 buys colored belts for one session at Lake Washington Girls Middle School. $500 provides a new uniform and a year of classes for a child on scholarship at our dojo. These are the real effects of your generosity.

Give Big 2017

Quantum will once again be taking part in the Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG event. This is a one day giving event extravaganza, where you can join thousands of others in contributing to charities and nonprofits you support.

Last year, Quantum raised over $6,000 from generous donors, and this year we’re hoping to raise $7,000 with your support! The Quantum leadership has stepped up and created a matching fund of $3,000 to bring us almost halfway to our goal. And with your contributions, we can reach our goal and keep growing and strengthening our community!

Please, join us on May 10th, 2017, and donate!