Your First Class

What to Expect

After you’ve let us know when you want to start, you’re ready to begin your martial arts journey.

Each class begins with safety, fun, and respect in mind. We bow towards the center of the mat when exiting and entering, and we bow to the flags and the instructor at the beginning of class. Look to the color belt students for etiquette and keyops.

We listen to music while an instructor takes us through a stretching and exercise regimen. Each instructor has their own unique method, so your workout throughout the week will be a bit different each day.

The next segment is drills. An instructor calls out forms and drill with careful explanation and demonstration, and then the students practice the punch or kick series together. Drills may also include partner practice with targets or a heavy bag. Both calisthenics and drill have water breaks throughout.

Class ends with a cool down and announcements. Then we bow to the flags, instructor, and senior students. Your practice session ends with a final bow as you exit the mat.