Ancient Form, Modern Flexibility

Dr. Karri Meleo teaches the Qigong form The Hands of the 18 Luohan on Tuesday nights. This ancient form originated at the Shaolin Temple and formed the framework for the the art of Kung Fu. The form may be practiced in part or in whole as a supplement to many types of athletic activities. It also offers those that practice the benefits of body, breath, and energy movement that are the heart of Qigong  practice. Dr. Meleo is certified to teach this form by Sifu Kimberly Ivy of Embrace the Moon in Seattle and has been practicing for ten years. She was drawn to this form because she always felt better after working this beautiful set of moments.

Come enjoy the benefits of Qigong!

Class Description

This form is suitable for all ages although generally appeals most to those 12 and above. Parents of Quantum kids are welcome to attend. Modifications are available for those with physical challenges and/or rehabbing an injury.

A class begins with quieting the mind and breath. Though we spend most of class working on the forms, you are not required to memorize the form or practice outside of class. However, you may find that you want to. You’ll improve your balance, flexibility, and breath capacity with each movement.

Fees and Schedule

Guests are welcome to try a class at no charge. Various packages are available for ongoing classes. A sliding scale is available in keeping with Quantum’s commitment to making training accessible for all.

  • $50 per month (one class per week)
  • $40 per month for families of current Quantum students.

(No required sale tax for Qigong)

This class is currently available on Tuesdays. Please check our Calendar for times and updates.