Giving Tuesday 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving Donors!

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Like most parents, Juan wanted his son JJ to share in his health journey. He wanted his son to have a fitness outlet, but JJ didn’t feel comfortable with team sports like soccer and football. When Juan found Quantum, he thought his son might like it too.

When JJ started out, he had a hard time speaking out loud, felt reserved around strangers. But he worked hard. Often, he was the only one in class. Now, he walks into the dojo like he belongs. Now he is the leader of a class of nine kids. He’s met children from immigrant families and private schools. He assists with classes, teaching white belts and leading warm ups. He now has no problem walking up to anybody in class and asking questions or volunteering to help.

Because of you, JJ has learned confidence. He, like 80% of Quantum kids, participates because of scholarship, made possible because of our donors.

Now more than ever, our kids need to learn resilience and self-confidence, how to accept diversity, and foster change in themselves. Because our dojo is committed to serving all, it provides an opportunity to break barriers and build confidence.

Donate today and help build a child’s confidence.

Just $40 dollars supports one kid for a month of confidence-building martial arts classes.