Master Evans’ Visit, December 6 – 9

Join us for detailed instruction on technique and form at a class given by the originator of the Quantum style, Master Rachel Evans.
Here is the schedule:
Wednesday 12/6
Kids 5-5:45 (5-8 year olds)
Kids 5:45-6:30 with special attention to green and above kids at 6 pm (9-12 year olds)
Green and above chi sau 6:30-7:15
Arnis (advanced students) 7:30-8:15
Thursday 12/7    Teacher training off site 7:30 pm . This is open to high green belt and above adults and teens. If you can host this at your home, let me know.
Friday 12/8
Kids 5:15-5:45 pm (5-8 year olds)
Kids 5:45-6:30 pm (9-12 year olds)
Standing grappling green and above 6:30-7:30 pm
Check your email for details about a night out at 7:45 pm
Saturday 12/9
Kids 10-11:15
General class 11:30-1
Forms 1:15-2
Sparring concepts 2:15-3
Advanced class 3:15-4 (advanced students only–Note NO Green belt class this Saturday. Green belts please try to attend Wednesday and/or Friday)