Qigong at Quantum

Students are welcome to supplement their Quantum training with Qigong. We also welcome Qigong only students.

Qigong student Kate says, “I have always been curious about martial arts training, though never enough to actually pursue lessons.

However, my grandson Peter became involved with Quantum Martial Arts last fall, and my daughter began taking classes as well. In observing the positive effects it has had for my grandson and daughter, it became clear I might benefit from taking a class too. Karri Meleo teaches the Qigong class on Tuesday evenings. It has had a remarkable effect on my balance, my posture and, more importantly, I sleep better! As I have grown older my activity level has gradually declined. Since I’ve been taking Qigong I have increased my activity level in other ways as well. It is almost like magic and I’m not a big believer in magic.”