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Our adult martial arts program progresses you through basic Karate and Taekwondo kicks and punches and adds elements of grappling, Aikido, Wing Chung, and stick fighting at higher belt levels.

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As always at Quantum, safety is our first priority. As part of this, you have the absolute right to negotiate your level of contact on a per-drill, per-round basis. If you prefer socially distant drills and sparring, or no contact partner work, everyone in the dojo will accommodate that. Similarly, if you’re ready to go to the ground, that’s just fine too. There is no head contact with anyone under age 18 at any time.

  • Basics Class   All levels welcome! Focus on the fundamental components of blocking, kicking, and striking while you improve your strength, balance, and coordination. Increase your flexibility in a challenging warm-up that includes yoga, Pilates and calisthenics. Following warm-ups, drills break down rudimentary techniques into the barest element to improve balance and focus. This class is recommended for beginners and is a staple for intermediate and advanced students.
  • General Class   All levels welcome! Improve your martial arts through our exciting and variable general class. In general class, you will drill techniques specific to your belt level with exercises including combinations, kicking and punching into targets, and partner sparring drills.  Some classes will emphasize foot work and timing or speed; others will focus on endurance or strength. This class is open to students 13 and above and to 12-year-old LWGMS students. General class starts with 45 minutes of stretching and calisthenics, followed by 45 minutes of drills.
  • Forms   All levels welcome! Focus your learning with choreographed routines designed to highlight the techniques of your rank, and practice specific attack and defense drills called one-steps. This class is open to all ranks of adult students. Beginners are highly encouraged to begin learning these techniques.
  • Chi Sau / Green Belt Class   Green Belt rank students and above enjoy techniques introduced in Quantum from the styles Wing Chung Kung Fu and Tai Chi. This adult class features advanced curriculum including chi sau, standing grappling, throws, trips, soft boxing. Ground work is taught for blue belts and above. Softer than in most systems, Quantum’s Chi Sau has many practical applications including working in straight lines and trapping exercises.
  • Qigong   All levels welcome! Feel better and enjoy the beautiful movements of Qigong. Qigong offers the benefits of body, breath, and energy movement. Dr. Karri Meleo teaches the form called The Hands of the 18 Luohan. This ancient form originated at the Shaolin Temple and formed the framework for the art of Kung Fu. The form may be practiced in part or in whole and is a great supplement to many types of athletic activities. This form is suitable for all ages although generally appeals most to those 12 and above. Parents of Quantum kids are welcome to attend. Modifications are available for those with physical challenges and/or rehabbing an injury.
  • Advanced Class   Advanced students (adult Red Belts and above) explore and refine techniques and styles working both individually and with partners. Classes may include soft boxing, arnis, forms, one steps, hubud, chi sau, grappling or other advanced curriculum.
  • Sparring   High White Belt and higher try their techniques in real time in non-competitive partner combat. Multiple rounds let you practice your skills with people of different ranks. Always with control and caution, this fun, dynamic practice shows you how to apply your martial arts.

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Curriculum by Belt

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Round Kick, High Green Belt Adult Program

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