Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

In February 2017, members from Quantum Seattle and Quantum San Francisco and Master Rachael Evan met for a two day strategic planning session. We discussed our hopes and dream for our dojos and what we would like to see for the future of the Quantum style.

Quantum Seattle identified the following 5 strategic goals we hope to accomplish by February 2020.

Goal 1: Financial sustainability

Reach financial sustainability by having an average monthly profit of $1500 and 3 months of operating reserve.

Goal 2: Critical paid staff

Achieve paid critical staff of a 1) Master Rachael Evans as our Program Director at 25% of salary and benefits and 2) Executive director at 50% time.

Goal 3: Grow a diverse student population

Strengthen our marketing and brand awareness to attain 100 paying students who reflect the gender, economic and ethnic diversity of our local community.

Goal 4: Increase contributed revenue

Increase our contributed revenue through being awarded 5 grants and increasing our annual campaign revenue to $12,000.

Goal 5: Teacher training

Strengthen our programs by having a defined teacher training which has regular meetings and a written handbook.