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Adult Program

Adult Dues:
Pay It Forward: $150 per month, plus annual membership (see below).
Regular: $110 per month for unlimited classes, plus annual membership starting at $35 (see below). 
Full and partial scholarships available, please ask.

Family Dues: 2 or more adults from the same family/household receive a discount. Second adult family member is $80. Three or more family members is capped at $235. 

Drop In Fee:
$20 per week drop in fee after your first two classes.
Monthly membership negotiated.

Qigong Only Student Dues:
Pay it forward price per month = $80 per month
Regular price = $50 per month. 

Sliding scale available. Please talk to us. 

Pay it Forward price is a higher price then our regular option. If you can afford it, this price helps to pay for scholarships for those who can’t pay as much and helps pay for Quantum Outreach programs offered to underprivileged communities. 

Youth Program &

Quarks Program

Monthly Dues: $88 per month, annual membership and uniform included. Sliding scale available for kids on free or reduced lunch program (“Reduced” fee below) Also, see below for the multiple child discounts.

Our Quarks is for children 4-6 years and our Youth program is for children 6-12 years old. Teenagers 13 years and older are asked to join the Adult program.

One child:
Pay it Forward Price: $110 per month
Regular: $88 per month.
Reduced Fee: $44 per month
First month includes annual membership fee and new uniform.

Two children:
Pay It Forward: $180 per month
$150 per month.
Reduced: $75 per month
First month includes family membership fee and two new uniforms.

Three children:
Pay It Forward: $240 per month
Regular: $200 per month.
Reduced: $110 per month
First month includes family membership fee and three new uniforms.

Four or more children:
Pay It Forward: $270 per month
Regular: $220 per month
Reduced: $120 per month
plus additional one-time $35 fee for each uniform beyond 3

Are you AND  you kids training? Ongoing classes for 3 or more family members are capped at $235 per month. Pay It forward by paying what you can afford. 

If your children are not on a free or reduced lunch program, but your family needs support to help your children train at Quantum, feel free to speak to us about our sliding scale.

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As a nonprofit dedicated to our mission we want everyone who wants to join us to be able to join. We offer a sliding-scale tuition and a scholarship program to families and individuals who qualify for assistance.

  • Individuals making under $45,000 year or families making under $65,000 per year

Contact us to learn more about payment options. 

Family Monthly Fee

We love to have families train together at Quantum. Your monthly fee for 3 or more members capped at: $235 per month   Family members can be adults or children.

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Annual Membership Levels

This annual membership fee helps cover the cost of maintaining the dojo and supplying scholarships to those who can’t afford regular prices. We appreciate our the dedication of our members.

  • $35 – Current college student discounted rate, and youth membership rate
  • $50 – Regular rate for adult Quantum Student
  • $75 – Quantum Family (covers 2 or more family members training in the kids or adults programs)
  • $100 – Quantum Benefactor
  • $200 – Quantum Supporter
  • $500 – Quantum Patron
  • $1000 – Quantum Angel

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