Youth Program

Quantum Kids

Quantum’s youth program is designed to provide an atmosphere for developing physical as well as mental and spiritual strength without competition. We provide programs for kids ages 4 – 12.

What are the benefits of the martial arts?

In addition to self-defense, there are many other benefits to participating in the Martial Arts. The curriculum develops flexibility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, balance, focus and self-confidence. Some parents may fear that the study of Martial Arts may make their child into a “bully,” when in fact the opposite is true. Bullies tend to be children with low self-esteem, an issue that Tae Kwon Do addresses directly. When your child becomes engaged in the study of Martial Arts, many changes become very apparent. Grades may improve, he/she will become more aware of potentially dangerous situations (i.e. strangers, etc.). and children are exposed to a healthy attitude toward physical fitness, health, and nutrition.

What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do comes from Korea, and literally means “hand/foot/art,” or Korean Karate. In many TKD schools, tournaments are the main focus for the students. This is not the case at Martial Arts in the Public Interest. We provide a place for young people to learn about discipline while having fun and releasing energy.

Belt Levels and Classes

In the youth program there are two ranks in white belt and four ranks in each of the other belts. The higher rank is signified by a stripe of the color of the belt that follows. a High White Belt would be identified by a yellow stripe on the belt.

  • Eleventh gup – White Belt
    • White Belt
    • High White Belt
  • Tenth and Ninth gup – Yellow Belt
    • Yellow Belt
    • Yellow Belt, One Stripe
    • Yellow Belt, Two Stripes
    • Yellow Belt, Three Stripes
  • Eighth and Seventh gup – Green Belt
    • Green Belt
    • Green Belt, One Stripe
    • Green Belt, Two Stripes
    • Green Belt, Three Stripes
  • Sixth and Fifth gup – Blue Belt
    • Blue Belt
    • Blue Belt, One Stripe
    • Blue Belt, Two Stripes
    • Blue Belt, Three Stripes
  • Fourth and Third gup – Red Belt
    • Red Belt
  • Second and First gup – Black Belt
    • Black Belt

Kid’s levels and Ages

Quantum has martial arts classes for kids from 4 – 12 years old. Our classes are organized by age group. We’ll work with you to find out where your child belongs in our programs.

  • Quarks, Ages 4 – 6
  • Young Kids, Ages 6 – 8
  • Older Kids, Ages 9 – 12

Kids General Class – open to all belt levels, Ages 6 – 12

Please check the Calendar page for more information about class times.

Quantum children’s classes are designed for children ages 6-12, although some six-year-olds will have difficulty with the program, and some twelve-year-olds may be better suited for the adult program. Kids classes are taught by teachers who like working with kids and understand how to balance fun with hard work. Quantum kids teachers are always open to talking to parents about their child’s needs. We focus on each child as a unique person with their own unique abilities.

The program taught to the kids is Tae Kwon Do. TKD comes from Korea and emphasizes high kicks and intense energy. Kids learn jumping and aerial kicks that are fun, exciting and challenging to learn. Quantum does not teach a tournament based martial art, but rather teaches that the only true competition is the one inside yourself. Short and long term goals are provided as well as encouragement to work hard at home and school. There are plenty of adult role models of all shapes, sizes and gender that any child can identify with. Class sizes are small and give an enormous amount of attention to the individual to help promote excellence. Our focus is to provide children with an opportunity to excel on a physical level and allow them the chance to understand how that applies to achieving strength and balance on a mental or emotional level.

Kids general classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are open to all belt levels.

Kids Advanced Class – open to Green Belt and above, ages 6-12

Please check the Calendar page for more information about class times.

This class is open to kid green belts and above, or to other students by invitation.

Fees and Specials

We know that kids will try many activities before settling on the right one, so no long term commitment is ever required at Quantum.  No testing fees are charged in the kid’s program. Please see our pricing page for details. We offer reduced fees for children on free and reduced lunch programs. We also offer a multi-child discount.