Join us for our FREE Empowerment Self-defense SERIES workshops.
on Tuesdays in September 2023: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26
from 7:15 – 9:15pm @ the dojo. 
Please register in advance for this training. Click Here

Everyone 12 years and up is welcome. The first day is our BASICS class. You must have taken basics to attend Day 2 and 3. Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver. 

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Providing basic self defense to the community is part of Quantum’s mission. We have our unique brand of Empowerment Self Defense that inspires and keeps people safe. 

In these clases, participants will:
1. Strengthen their internal personal power, confidence and sense of security
2. Understand the use of situational awareness, stance and voice in self defense
3. Understand and have the confidence to use the basic physical defensive techniques and how to use them in combination
4. Have fun, bond with fellow participants, and enjoy the somatic experience


Once a quarter, Quantum provides either a free 2-hour empowerment and self-defense class or a 3 part self-defense series to the public. Everyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary.

Please check our home page or our calendar for the upcoming dates. 

Our Chief Instructor, Karri Meleo and Executive Director, Alison McCaffree teach fun, inspiring, and practical classes. Remember to wear workout clothes or something that allows you to move easily. Also, please bring a water bottle. 

If you are looking to sign up for general martial arts. Please click here. 


Do you have employees that need to feel more confident that they could defend themselves if necessary? Do you want a fund team building event?
Quantum will come to you. Hire us for a 1-2 hour class at your workplace. 

Can’t make it to the free community class? Interested in Youth self-defense? 
For-profit and nonprofit rates. We will work with you on the best class to fit the needs of your organization or business. See our Workplace Classes page or contact us to ask about more self-defense class options.

Class Offerings

Self-Defense 101: Basics (SIngle class or first of series)

Learn how to use your voice, stand in defensive stances, use low level self defense, and execute basic techniques in combination. Self-defense can be triggering. We encourage everyone to engage at their own desired level.

Self-Defense 201: 2nd Level

Prerequisite: Self-defense 101. Learn social justice agent/target theory, intermediate self defense techniques, introduction to joint locks, rolling and falling basics & defenses from the ground.  Self-defense can be triggering. We encourage everyone to engage at their own comfort level. 

Self-defense 301: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Self-defense 101 and 201. Learn more anti-oppression skills, arm bars and weaves, and ground fighting defenses & escapes. Self-defense can be triggering. We encourage everyone to engage at their own comfort level. 


Become a Partner

Quantum Seattle is seeking partnerships with organizations that have current outreach, knowledge of the community, and a compatible mission. Learn more about our mission here. We would like to learn about the specific needs and challenges of the people you serve. Together we’ll explore how our expertise might be of interest to your constituents. Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner.