Foster Youth @ Quantum

Quantum Martial Arts is dedicated all youth having an opportunity to experience martial arts. Get Started Now.

Martial arts training gives kids a challenging and fun activity that builds fitness, flexibility, and confidence. We have a beautiful school in Seattle’s central district and we do many outreach programs at special events. Our membership fees are sliding scale based on need. Please contact us at or (206) 322-4799 if you have any questions.

Special for Seattle Area Foster Youth

Through our partnership with Treehouse for Kids, any eligible child can attend martial arts classes for free. Please contact us.

Here’s how it works – its easy.

First. Sign up for a Quantum Orientation here.

Second. Come in to any of our Kid or Teen/Adult classes on the schedule. Your first 2 months are on Quantum and includes receiving a uniform for you to wear while training.

Third. Quantum will confirm your eligibility in Treehouse’s program and Treehouse’s ongoing funding will pay for your ongoing trainings.