Online Classes

Quantum Seattle has partnered with our sister school in San Francisco to bring you classes in your home! Please check back regularly for invites to live classes on Zoom and links to our pre-recorded videos.

Live Classes

You can download Zoom here for easy viewing on your phone or iPad. You don’t have to download Zoom to view the class in a web browser on your phone or a computer.

Please see our schedule page for access to our live offerings. There are hyperlinks to the classes embedded in the descriptions.

Pre-recorded Classes

Please try any of our pre-recorded classes at no cost. If you experience playback problems you might want to download the video to your computer before playing.

If you are new to Quantum and would like a FREE 30 minute orientation one-on-one with an instructor, please click here to schedule.

13minute Warmup – Gitai Ben-Ammi March 18, 2020
General Class – 45 min Warmup 45 min Drills – Gitai Ben-Ammi Mar 21, 2020

Qigong – Karri Meleo – Mar 17, 2020
Qigong – Hand of 18 Luohan first half – Karri Meleo – Mar 22, 2020

Qigong Class – Intro to Hands of the 18 Luohan – with Karri Meleo 20_03_17
Qigong Class – 18 Luohan basic stances – with Karri Meleo 20_03_22
Qigong Class – 18 Luohan tiger & cross leg stance -w Dr. Meleo 20_03_29
Qigong Class – 18 Luohan golden leopard – with Karri Meleo 20_04_05

Hands of the 18 Luohan – full narrated form

KIDS (Ages 6 – 12)
Kids General Class – Master Rachel Evans – Mar 19, 2020

Quarks class with Master Rachel Evans.

Quarks for Kids ages 3 – 5 with Master Evans.