Give Big May 4 - 5

Give Big is May 4 – 5

Donate here during Give Big, May 4 – 5. 

‘Now more than ever’

‘Now more than ever.’ That’s something we say a lot. We say it when vulnerable groups are put at risk. We said it during the pandemic. And we say it now as we begin to return to ‘normal’. Like many others, nonprofits and for-profit business alike, Quantum is vulnerable. The reality is nonprofits have always been vulnerable, but the pandemic revealed just how thin the webbing of our safety net is and just how big the holes. 

Quantum is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit. But unlike many nonprofits, we have no employees. All of our teachers, board members, and organizers are volunteers. This disqualified us from the first round PPP loans. The great group of people who lease us our space allowed us to defer our rent. Thanks to them, we were able to keep going when our membership took a hit during lock-down after lock-down. 

Young Martial Artist

Give Big to Spread Empowerment

We have always depended on donations from our friends, partners, and members. Our goal is $15,000, the most we have ever asked. This year we need to pay down our deferred rent, restart our outreach at Mercy Housing, provide scholarships for children martial artists, and restart our free self-defense seminars and self-defense outreach. Our amazing community has already pledged a match pool of $5,050. 

Every amount helps us reach our goal, but here are some ideas for how you can contribute:

$20 boards for board breaks during a test
$88 Monthly Youth Learner Scholarship
$110 Monthly Adult Learner Scholarship
$440 funds the training for 5 kids on scholarship for a month
$528 6-month Youth Learner Scholarship, 1 student

Not everyone can donate this year. Like us, you’re vulnerable too.

You can help Quantum Martial Arts of Seattle by spreading the word.

  1. Like and share our posts on Facebook (@quantumseattle) or Instagram (@quantum_seattle).
  2. Engage your network. If you know someone who can donate, send them a message. Let them know about Quantum and how much the community means to you. 
  3. Attend one of our FREE self-defense seminars, come to a class, or become a member. Our community provides us so much energy, and we would love for you to be a part of it. 

If you can, donate on May 4 – 5. Give Big or small to Quantum Martial Arts Seattle. We can’t wait to see you in the dojo!