GiveBig Now!

“I want to be a fighter. I want to protect myself and it is good for my body.”  –Walinja, 15-year-old resident of Mercy Housing apartment in Kent

There’s something crucial about a young female understanding her own empowerment. You can help girls and boys in the Appian Way Mercy Housing apartments learn confidence and body positive empowerment through martial arts by donating today. Just $75 dollars provides two children participating in the program with uniforms and belts so they can be a part of the Quantum family.

“I like it when I know how to do it.” — Janet, 8 years old

“I like doing basic form because I can practice and do it well.” — Anna, 13 years old

“It’s fun and it’s good exercise.” — Xaimen, 15 years old

You can support Quantum families to help parents and kids participate in an activity that will keep them close and inspire them to make the world a better place.

Please Donate! You are needed now, more than ever. 

Quantum offers scholarships to families in need and significant family discounts so that siblings and parents can find strength in training together.